We rejoice that you have chosen to be married at First Corinthian. After years of guiding couples through the process of preparing for marriage, we realized the need for a set of uniform guidelines. A booklet is available to help you plan your wedding at the First Corinthian Baptist Church . See the Pastor for your copy.

Preparation for Homegoing Services
The very first thing you should do when a loved one dies is contact the funeral director of your choice, and then notify your assigned Sheepfold Leader. The next thing to do is to notify the Office of the passing of your loved one and the name of the funeral director entrusted by the family for arrangements.
NO DATE, or time should be finalized with the funeral director until the Pastor and Office are notified and the church's availability is determined. The church will notify the family & funeral director of the Pastor & church's availability. It is required that the family meet with Pastor Thomas to ensure that the church's policies are understood.
Music for the services MUST be approved by the Pastor and Music Administrator. Any CD's requested to be played MUST be submitted at least 2 days before the service. Please be advised that secular music is NOT permitted for a church funeral.  If you are wondering about whether or not a vocal selection is appropriate for your loved one's funeral , here is a tip: If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, the music is probably appropriate:
1. Does the music/text reflect praise and/or thanksgiving to God?
2. Is the song based on, or does it reflect a scriptural theme?
3. Is this song in the form of a prayer?
4. Can the song be found in a church hymnal?

Pertinent information from the following forms is needed by Pastor Thomas and will assist you in finalizing the funeral program and obituary. Please complete the forms and bring them with you to your meeting with Pastor.
Please be advised that it is the family's responsibility to assure that enough funeral programs are available for the service. The Church Office will not guarantee availability or resources to make copies of the program on the day of the service.