about us

Wasilla Assembly of God was established in 1951 by Reverend Paul Riley to reach Wasilla and the Mat-Su Valley with the hope of Jesus Christ. (read more here...) A half of a century later this is still our mission, using all possible tools available to us, including cutting edge technology and equipment. The message of Christ is sacred, but the method used to get that message out is not.
We do not have ministries for the sake of having ministries, but so that we may know God and make Him known. We believe you are the minister and the church is here to equip you for your high calling. Our battle cry is "find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it."
We believe in passionate prayer and worship unto God, as an expression of our heart towards Him. God has given each one spiritual gifts to demonstrate who He is.
We want to get out from behind the wall of the church and impact our community with the gospel.
We invite you to come be a part of the vision and experience all that God has for you!!
Here is some general information to answer some questions that you might have...
When and Where?
We meet Sunday's at 10.30am at 125 W. Riley Ave.  For other services, click here...
How should I dress?
You will find a wide range of dress styles at Wasilla Assembly of God.  We have no "dress code."  A few people wear suits or nice dresses, many people wear causal clothes, some people come straight from work, or are headed to work right after service and wear their work uniform.  Our biggest concern is that you are here, not what you are wearing.
What is your Worship like?
At Wasilla Assembly of God, we believe worship should reflect our love for God.  It is very passionate and expressive.  Our Worship Team includes vocalist, keyboards, guitars, and drums.  We believe we must be relative to where people are at, and our worship style reflects that.  To read more, click here...
What sort of ministries do you have?
We are able to offer a wide range of ministries to all ages.  To see our list of ministries, visit our ministries page...
Can I get involved?
Yes, yes, yes!!!  We have a saying: "Find a need and fill it."  We believe that every believer has giftings and talents that God has given to be used in the church.  We are incomplete without your involvement!!  If you would like to get invovled, just let us know.  For anyone working with children or youth, there is a screening process for the protection of the children.
 What is the "Assemblies of God?"
The Assemblies of God was formed out of the pentecostal revivals of the early 1900's.  It is a movement and a fellowship, established for furthering the work of God throughout the world.  Today there is over 12,000 Assembly of God churches in the US, with more all around the world.  To read more, we encourage to visit www.ag.org.