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Vision, Mission & Values




To Connect myself and others to God and Equip myself and others to be faithful to God.





To Connect To God, Connect To Each Other, Connect To Our Community, and Connect To Your Calling.



Values of The Bridge


·         Be Yourself


·         The methods change, but the message stays the same


·         Everyone is called


·         Pray like it depends on God, Work like it depends on you.


·         Everything must flow out of relationships


·         We exist for those outside our membership


·         Absorb the Word daily to have God like success


·         God is supernatural; He is able to do through us what we can’t


·         God is creative, so we are creative


·         Deliberate and purposeful or not at all


·         We will be spiritual parents (it is also a parent’s responsibility to disciple their children)


·         Never stop growing


·         We cannot go to church, we are the church


·         Generosity in actions, thinking, attitude, and giving


·         Passion is everything


·         There is no box


·         Playing it safe is risky


·         Jesus is the Leader


·         Love, acceptance and forgiveness


·         We want our Leaders to Lead


·         Do it with excellence


·         God created me to have fun


·         We want the next generation to exceed us


·         Look for the activity of God