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Sunday Morning Classes

Classic Ambassadors - Taught by Scott Peak, this class is a more traditional continuing education class and is open to all adults. Scotts class on Sunday mornings meets at 10am and is located downstairs in the main hallway, first class room on the right.
Boundaries - Taught by Robert May, Robert will be leading a study of the book Boundaries By Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend. Roberts class on Sunday mornings starts at 10am meeting in the Activities Building, to the left and in back of the main building.
Fresh Start -  Taught by Don and Shirley Dye This class is participating in a group study of the Gospel of John. The Word will come alive as you move into a eye opening time of questions and discussion. Don and Shirley will meet you on Sunday mornings at 10am in the Administrative Meeting Room to the left and behind the pulpit. Help your self to some fresh coffee in this class.