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Our small groups are about...
...connecting people.
You can get lost in the crowd at Fellowship North! We want you to be found in a small group designed to provide you with a sense of family and belonging. Come into a relationship with others where you can build lifetime friendships.
...supporting life's challenges.
When life brings times of hardship and challenge, small groups are a place to find support and care on your journey with Christ.
...encouraging faith.
We all need to grow and mature in our relationship with Christ. A small group provides an atmosphere where members can group together in their walk with Christ as they learn together, pray together, and live out the Word of God together.
...reaching out to those around us.
Our passion at Fellowship North is to see God transform lives. Our small groups can make a difference in the lives of many as they come together to serve, love, and care for other people, whether they are a part of our church family or not.