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Have a question?  Here are some answers to ones that we get asked a lot!
What is the mission of Fellowship North?
To make disciples of all people.
What is the vision of Fellowship North?
To mobilize a racially-unified family of God,
called out as the presence of Jesus in our world,
to pursue His mission:  all people reconciled to God.
Why doesn't FN have adult Sunday School?
We strongly believe in the value of meeting in groups to discuss the bible. However, rather than restricting this to Sunday morning, our small groups meet throughout the week, usually in homes. This provides greater flexibility for groups to meet and allows each group to study biblical topics that address their interests.

How can I become a member of FN?
We provide classes, called IFS (Introducing Fellowship Series),  to provide the opportunity for people to learn about our doctrinal beliefs and how we function. After attending this class, people who are Christ-followers are given the opportunity to join FN.

What is New Community?
New Community is a monthly gathering to provide an extended opportunity to worship, teach, discuss church-related issues, and share communion. This meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

How is FN involved in missions?

We value spreading the Gospel locally and around the world. There are numerous organizations and individuals who receive financial and prayer support from FN on a regular basis. Many members of FN are involved with some of these programs, either as volunteers or as part time or full time missionaries. FN also participates in short term mission trips a few times each year. We strongly encourage all of our members to participate in missional activities.

What is the leadership structure of FN?
FN is Elder led. We operate under the authority of a Board of elders that has overall responsibility for all aspects of the church's corporate activities. The General Board is comprised of two teams: the Shepherding team, whose primary focus is oversight of worship, teaching, doctrine, vision casting, and missions, and the Administration team who focuses more on financial, operational, legal, and administrative issues. The Board depends on a staff of employees and volunteers to direct the daily operations of all ministries and church functions.

What about Communion?

We practice what we call an "Open Table" Lord's Supper or Communion. That means that anyone who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ is welcome to come to the Lord's table here. Communion is available monthly at New Community and occasionally at other services. For special needs, a pastor or elder is available  to serve Communion on an individual basis.

How can I be baptized?
Baptism is an important act of obedience for every Christ follower. It serves as a public demonstration that a person has placed his/her faith in Christ by choosing to accept God's gift of salvation (Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 3:21, Acts 2:41, Romans 6:3-4). FN has various baptism services throughout the year. If you have accepted God's gift of salvation, you can be baptized during one of these services. Simply contact the church to find out when the next baptism class and service will occur.
Is FN part of any denominational organization?
FN is not affiliated with any denomination. We believe that this provides a greater opportunity to reach a broader spectrum of people, without compromising the message of the Bible. We want to be a church where people, no matter where they are in their life's journey, can find the grace and mercy that only God offers and find hope and meaning for their lives. We also want to be a church that challenges people who have chosen to follow Jesus to settle for nothing less than being fully devoted to that adventure.

How are various races represented at FN?

We believe that one of the greatest shortcomings of our culture is separating races into various churches. FN is making a conscious effort to include all races in our church. As a result, an increasing number of people from various races are attending FN, helping us to become more racially diverse.