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what we value

At Fellowship North, we use the g5 strategy to accomplish our mission. This strategy involves grace, growth, groups, gifts and good stewardship.

God loves each of us so much. He has given us life through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. The first step in becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ is to respond to that grace by trusting Him as Lord and Savior.
growth: Anything alive and healthy experiences growth. Spiritually, we grow by creating conditions in which our lives with God can thrive. This includes reading God's Word, praying, worshipping and connecting to a local church.
groups: Through our small groups, people can meet regularly to get involved in one another's lives, to do life together, and to encourage and support one another as each person seeks to become a fully devoted follower.
gifts: We believe each person is uniquely gifted and that God's design is for each one of us to serve the Kingdom with those gifts. Part of following Christ is to know your gifts and be actively serving in the Kingdom.
good stewardship: God owns everything; it is all His, and we can trust Him with all we have. As we actively live out this principle, we can expect to see the power of God at work on our behalf.