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Habitually Enhancing Lives Proactively

done as habit: done frequently and predictably
persisting in behavior: continuing in a particular
practice as a result of an ingrained tendency
characteristic: characteristic of somebody's character or behavior

improve: to improve or add to the strength, worth,
beauty, or other desirable quality of something

living individual: a living being, especially a person

taking initiative: taking the initiative by
acting rather than reacting to events

We need your HELP!

HELP is our initiative to make giving to those
less fortunate a habit and not a seasonal occurrence
Please stop by our HELP Wall and see what you
can provide for someone less fortunate.
IF you know of a need please fill out the attached
card and we will post it on our HELP Wall.

*If you have food, clothes and a roof –
you are wealthier than 75% of the world

*If you have change in your possession you
are in the top 8% of the worlds wealthy

*US Dept of Agriculture reports 49Million
Americans will be hungry at some point in 2009.

*Triad Food banks will see a 76% increase
in demand for services in 2009.
That = 100,000 people in our community

When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.
Always be eager to practice hospitality.
-Romans 12:13

If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD—
and he will repay you! 
-Proverbs 19:17

Contact Information:
Theresa Roger