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Getting Involved

Caring in Action <<click here
This is a team of folks that do a variety of services, from hospital visits to coordinating meals for families with new babies.  There is a great need for help on this team.  We are blessed with a relatively healthy church, but needs arise that require a concerted effort to assist.  If you have interest in helping with meals, visiting, or simply making phone calls, this would be a wonderful place to share the love of Jesus with those in need.
First Impressions (Greeters) <<click here
We all know how important first impressions can be.  Some people make decisions on returning to TCC based on the manner in which they were or were not greeted at the door.  This group of “greeters” has the important task of making newcomers and members alike feel acknowledged and welcome, giving out handshakes and hugs, and giving quick breakdowns of where the nursery and kids programs are taking place so the visitor can feel comfortable in worship.  The first impression of TCC can make a lasting impression on the hearts of visitors.
Hospitality (Sunday morning set up & 3D Cafe) <<click here
This is a huge service opportunity!  Lots of help is needed with setting up and breaking down Sunday morning (coffee and doughnuts Sunday mornings) and with organizing, setting up and breaking down 3D Cafe.  If you have been searching for a place to plug in, this is an area in great need.
Lawn Team <<click here
With the spring, so comes the grass… and the weeds… and the LAWN CARE TEAM!  This is a great service opportunity and a great need for TCC.
Creative Arts <<click here
Music and technology is pretty important to the worship experience at TCC.  If you are a techie, or musically inclined or just have some cool ideas to share, contact Josh to see how you fit into the Creative Arts team at TCC.  There are always needs of various capacities so don’t hold back; let your creative light shine!