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mission statement

At TCC our mission is to turn unchurched, unchallenged, and uncommitted people into fully devoted followers of Christ.
Unchurched: We understand that there are many reasons why people don't regularly attend church.  For some, they have been hurt, disillusioned and disappointed with church.  Others feel like they have "outgrown" the practice of attending church or it just doesn't fit into the schedule of their busy lives.  Still others are bored with the music, the preaching and the 'old fashioned' approach of their forefathers.  Whatever the reason for not attending, TCC has heard it and is taking seriously the task of overcoming those obstacles!
Unchallenged:  We also realize that some sincere lovers of God have simply been unchallenged to move on in their spiritual journey and therefore have been left with an insipid form of religion rather than a passionate life-changing relationship.  TCC embraces the effort of challenging these people to continue the journey of faith an to become mature disciples who go beyond the milk of spiritual babyhood to the meat of greater insight and service.
Uncommited: While we live in a so-called "Christian Country", the reality is that many individuals have had some exposure to the message of Christianity and may have attended church, without ever having made a commitment to Christ.  TCC believes that Jesus is still calling men, women, young people, and children to "follow Him".  To follow Him means leaving the old life of sin and self-centeredness behind and committing our faith solely in Him and his redeeming work on the cross.
Our goal is to provide the atmosphere, the tools and the practical example to the end that every believer in our church can become a fully devoted follower of Christ!