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what to expect

At TCC you'll find...
A friendly atmosphere where everybody feels at home.  There's no stuffy feeling or showy put on's here, as most folks choose to dress casual and just be themselves.
The band's progressive blend of music highlights great vocals and musicianship while directing focus to the greatness of God.  Some people in the crowd express their worship openly, while others are more introspective; but either way, you can tell it's from the heart!
The messages are aimed at real life needs and issues and are always built on the foundation of the timeless truths of the Bible.  Each week there's something challenging and life changing to consider; always a sense that we're learning and growing.  It's the sense that we're on a spiritual journey together with a "down to earth" pastor who is traveling right beside us!
Mom's and Dad's enjoy the 60 minute services while their children (nursery - grade 5) are being cared for, entertained and taught exciting lessons that will guide and enrich their lives.
When you walk out, you will leave with a spring in your step, a renewed sense of hope and faith and the thought, "That was it over so soon?"
Come and see for yourself...
                          ...We'll change the way you think about church!