reminiscing at resurrection

clay englar

Original Building Construction Days
We church people did a lot of the smaller work where we could, and one of the jobs was bending "re-bar" for the foundations.  This is the reinforcing steel that helps strengthen the concrete.  Specifically we needed a lot of "J" bars and "C" bars that help tie the long bars together and are spaced fairly frequently throughout the foundation.  Since the re-bar was 3/8 inches think (I think) it was not easy to bend and we spent a lot of time and effort doing so.  One evening (we usually worked when it was cooler and people were available afer work) a car turned into our street and a fellow got out and asked if we would like to know how to do the job a little easier.  Of course we said yes, so he showed us how to bend the bar around the ball of a bumper hitch, which was a lot easier.  Turned out that he was from Christ the King and was just passing by.  That was very helpful.
As we were nearing the end of the work we could do, we put up the purlins, the 6 by 6 or 8 by 8 beams that the roofing is attached to, which tie together the hugh trusses.  When the very top ones were in place, one of our parishioners by the name of Charlie Petrie walked from one end to the other the full length of the building, on the top purlin.  That was impressive, to say the least.