Operation Attack

Web site:  www.operationattack.org

The mission of Operation Attack located adjacent to Lakeview Presbyterian Church on 22nd Avenue N. is "Sharing God's Abundance with our neighbors."  Founded in 1968, Operation Attack was founded at the suggestion of Dr. Edward Cole, Jr.  a former mayor of St. Petersburg.  Forty years later, First Presbyterian joins with twenty local churches under Lakeview leadership who support Operation Attacks mission with contributions of money, food and clothing.  Through social service agency and school guidance counselor referrals, clients may receive food assistance, financial support for utilities and prescriptions, and gently-used or new clothing for children through high school aged.  In 2008, Operation Attack assisted 1,651 families and clothed 1,356 children. 
Operation Attack
1310 22nd Avenue, South
St. Petersburg, FL  33705
Visit their website for more up to date information at www.operationattack.org.