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The Blazer House

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The Blazers Youth Services Community Club, Inc. is a nonprofit, community based organization recognized under California and Federal law as a tax exempt youth services provider in South Central and West Los Angeles neighborhoods. The Blazers House is an inner city multimedia model community resource center providing public access to the community. The Blazers teach TSL, (Technology as a Second Language). The Blazers are modeling new behaviors while teaching skills to confront life changes. This encourages people to break generational habits patterns.

We provide socio-economically disadvantaged Los Angeles area youth ages 6 to 24, particularly in the South Central and Westside districts of the city, with multidimensional, multicultural leadership and academic skills building opportunities. To achieve these objectives, the Blazer Organization developed a fully volunteer program combining competitive basketball activities, group and individualized tutorial services which complement school based learning, periodical forums that expose participants to adult role models in various professional fields, and cultural and civic educational activities in the broader community.

Metropolitan is developing a relationship with this great organization. For funding and grant info Click Here.

Blazer Youth Center
1517 West 48th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90062
(323) 292-2261 Fax: (323)292-1021