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XXX Church

A site which helps men struggling with pornography and other related subjects.

XXXchurch exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability and recovery to the church, society and individuals in the issues of pornography and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means. XXXchurch is here to make you think, react and to decide where you stand on the issues of porn. We're not here to sling mud, but to shove the envelope and try and do some good.       

Our Target

  • Teenagers Fact of life is that teens like to look at porno. Hey, who doesn't? The problem is that nobody is giving them the other side of the story. We tell them to stay away from crack and not to drink too much, but how come no one is letting them know that Porn Boulevard is a dead end.

  • The Dabblers Hey a little porn never hurt anybody, right? C'mon dude! Get a clue. A little porn is like a little heroine. It's gonna jack you up one way or the other. I know this may be a surprise to some of you, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. You have got to decide what type of person you are going to be.  

  • The Church and Church Leaders How come no one is talking about sex, porno, hot chicks and all the other things that we deal with on a daily basis at church on Sunday mornings? C'mon now! Our society is looking for some real answers and the truth. It's OK to talk about boobs, sex and porn. Let's get real and get in the gutter to try to help some people.    


The Founders

Mike Foster and Craig Gross are the founders of These young pastors are forging the new frontier of ministry and are delivering a dynamic message to churches and our society. Their message is powerful and relevant to today's culture as they encourage individuals to live a life of outrageous Christianity. It's about taking a risk and connecting with the people in a relevant way. Find out more about Mike and Craig at

X3 Strategy

  • The Name XXXchurch is provocative, memorable, and it combines the seedy and the sacred. Enough said.

  • The Tag Line The "#1 Christian Porn Site" is what we are. We also like it cuz it ticks stuffy old religious people off.

  • The Vibe It's hip, relevant, irreverent, honest, fun and designed for people just like you.

Let us know what you think. Email us at

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