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What's Keeping You Fat?
Some of us unconsciously want to be fat, I see clearly now, in order to protect ourselves from something that_s painful, dangerous, or uncomfortable.

Some people I work with just cannot or will not make changes to let themselves lose weight. They keep doing the same things over and over again. Their bad habits have total control over them. They keep on eating way too much _ inputting so much more extra nutritional energy than they need. Some keep eating their binge food compulsively, still mistakenly thinking that they will get some comfort or release. Others refuse to move: they will not walk, or stretch, or ever go to a gym or community center or work with a trainer. This was a mystery to me at first. Now, I have begun to see why this happens with a special few. THE PROBLEM IS NOT ABOUT WEIGHT, FOOD, OR EXERCISE PER SE.

The problem with those who cannot or will not make changes is that there's something very deep down inside that is causing pain or illness: be it physical, like thyroid trouble, or diabetes, etc., or psychological--a hidden trauma, guilt or shame, or spiritual-- lack of connection with God. No amount or kind of food, bad habits, or inactivity will get to the core of these problems.

What's keeping you overweight?
What secret, what truth are you protecting about yourself? What are the extra pounds covering up? See a doctor, seek counsel from a therapist. Above all, work with God to unlock your mysteries, and let your true self shine.

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