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Good Shepherd Committee

The Shepherd’s Care Ministry and Celebration Committee demonstrates reciprocity for the pastor’s love and sacrifice to the church. These groups assists in the quality care of the pastor, and works on behalf of the entire church to provide essential aid and necessary support for an effective pastoral experience. The committee accentuates through a responsible membership, what care giving and proper supplemental support to the pastor truly is. Members provide the aid and support necessary to help the pastor have a longer life and a more meaningful experience in the Ministry.

Armor Bearers Ministry

The Armor Bearers Ministry is a servant ministry. It is also known as the Ministry of Helps or the Adjutancy. The word “adjutant” is derived from the Latin word “adjutare” meaning to aid or assist. Thus, the Adjutancy is not designed to be a social organization, nor is it a position that should be looked upon prestigiously, but rather the chief aim of Armor Bearers is “service.” Armor Bearers are to serve, assist and dignify the office of the pastor as he executes his responsibilities as under-shepherd of the flock. Members must have the mind and heart of a servant in order to serve effectively.

Ministerial Alliance

Works in concert with the Pastor in implementing assigned ministerial duties and responsibilities. Supports, undergirds and serves as extended arms of the Pastor; Serves as the internal infrastructure of the ministry consisting of dedicated elders, ministers, evangelists, deaconess and aspiring missionaries who have accepted the call of God and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ to faithfully serve the people of God.

Deacon & Deaconess Board

Oversees select administrative and spiritual matters of the church. Are ministry assistants and serve the congregation as assigned. Promote unity of fellowship; assist in executing the Ordinances of the church, and handles membership concerns and assignments as delegated by the Pastor.

Board of Trustees

Oversee the financial, business and physical property of the church to include: Holds in trust for the use and benefit of the church any assets which shall become property of the church with or without proper legal designation either by gift, deed, or will; Responsible for the ministry of caring for the management and distribution of funds, along with the maintenance, preservation and protection of church property; Assists the Pastor in budget development and aids in the overall monitoring of the financial matters of the ministry.

 Multi-Media Ministry

The Multi-Media Ministry is responsible for media services. Audio and visual production, media broadcasting service are among its responsibilities. The ministry involves promoting the use of quality recordings.

Public Relations

The Public Relations group is responsible for all print and audio media advertising. The Department initiates press releases, public address announcements, and radio and TV ads. Interfaces with media personalities and promotes public awareness and visibility of the ministry utilizing a variety of advertising venues. Recommends ways and means of achieving an effective public promotion of the ministry work of the Church, and ensures that all events are adequately advertised to maximize support, participation and achievement of ministry goals.

Ushers Board

The usher board consists of a group of men and women who are dedicated to “order” in the house of the Lord. This ministry is designed to portray the love that Christ has for all mankind through rendering service to the congregation and its guest. Seating, necessary sanctuary errands and a general rule of maintaining reverence in the Lord’s house are among the Ushers’ responsibilities.

Hospitality & Greeters

The hospitality unit is comprised of individuals who enjoy serving others. They extend to guests and friends of the pastor and church a helping hand and a friendly spirit. These individuals are friendly, warm and engaging, and are dedicated to the comfort of church guests satisfying their hunger and thirst at designated times. They primarily serve at the discretion of the pastor and assist their president in fulfilling her request for special service when and where needed.

Ministry greeters are, in most cases, among the first impressions of the ministry. They are responsible to greet, welcome and provide information and direction for guest upon entering the church complex. Their responsibilities, furthermore, includes securing visitor information and assuring that guest are properly directed, in addition to alerting ministry staff of any protocol concerns.

Women’s Ministries

The Women’s Department consists of the women’s auxiliaries, circles and units. The department exists for the purpose of specific ministry to and for women. Its activities include the Annual Women’s Conference along with ongoing ministries that edify and enhance women in their quest to fulfill God’s directives for their lives



The Young Women’s Christian Council (Y.W.C.C.) is a fellowship of young women ages 20 to 39 that exist for the purpose of inspiring young women into the Word of God, applying those Bible truths to their lives thereby enabling them to live victoriously through Christ. In addition, the YWCC promotes Christian fellowship through sharing and partnership, and instructs, develops and assist young women in outreach and evangelism as they fulfill their mandate to active ministry both internally and externally for the sanctifying, unifying, and edifying of the body of Christ to the glory of God. Furthermore, this group is responsible for ministry to the pastor’s wife who gives of herself as a companion in ministry to the pastor.


The Christian Women’s Council (CWC) 40 & up, is an extension of the YWCC in that many of the women who are now members of CWC were once a part of YWCC. CWC is a forum that reaches out to help others in their understanding of God’s requirement of “Holy Women” in these turbulent and troubled times. This forum helps women to become more aware of the constant need to exemplify “Holy Living” in order to be effective and to inspire that which God desires. In addition, CWC exist to serve as a beacon light to younger women, enabling them to establish and maintain Godly standards in church behavior, community relationships, home building, child development, self-improvement, and soul-winning.

Mother’s Board

The Mother’s Board consists of a group of women who are assembled to teach and admonish other women to a Holy walk. The board is an extension of the pastor’s arm, and because of their tenure and longevity in the church, they assist, and are helpful in the implementation of the women’s work of the church. They are women of keen insight, and have at their disposal the rich heritage of our great church along with their own personal experiences that allow them to be examples of true saints of God

Youth Ministry

The objective of the Youth Department is to inspire spiritual and physical growth by providing enthusiastic youth programs that are designed to be life changing and fulfilling to today’s youth

Young Men of Valor

A group of young men, ages 13-19, who have a calling and interest in becoming leaders of their church and community, and who are seeking to understand their roles as men of God. The mission of Young Men of Valor is to encourage growth in areas of self-discipline, self-assurance, leadership and love for God. The goal of the organization is to ensure that each young man is equipped with the tools to act responsibly in his family, church, school and community.

Young Women of Excellence (YWE)

The mission of YWE is to encourage young ladies ages 13-19 to live life to its fullest by having good morals, budgeting principles, social graces, preparatory college skills, and the ability to make good career choices. The group avails opportunities for each participant to grow in the areas of self-discipline, self-assurance and leadership.


New Member Class

Membership Services is the in-reach arm of the ministry. The department is responsible to ensure that the membership is adequately served by the ministry. Components of the department include new member’s orientation and membership benefits and services ensuring that no member is left behind.


Sunday School Department

The primary entity of the church for the purpose of training and enlightening both children and adults in scriptural understanding of select topics, the doctrines and beliefs of the church and various other curriculums. Classes are designed for various ages with the intent to present scripture texts in a comprehensive but easy to understand format


The Security Team Ministry

The security team is responsible for ensuring that certain modes of security and protective measures are observed and maintained at all times. The ministry and/or its property and resources, along with the pastor and his family are inclusive of the security details responsibilities. In addition, to the best of the ministry’s ability, the security team is responsible to the membership at large, congregants and guest of the ministry, while on church property, to ensure a vibrant and safe experience during church services and events.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry exists for the purpose of developing Christian brotherhood that inspires men to their rightful place in God, family and church. The group involves itself in various activities that promote and inspire self-betterment along with the physical and spiritual fulfillment of men in their quest to be all God has destined them to be. In addition, the group serves as a mentoring mechanism for young boys, and promotes attributes that will enhance ones development of a responsible citizen of the Kingdom of God and the community in which he lives. Men’s Month, the Annual Men’s Conference and Retreat, along with the groups regularly scheduled meetings and outings comprise its involvements for the year.


COR Music Department

COR  Chorale
Generally, it is this ensemble that would accompany the pastor on speaking engagements.

The COR Mass Choir

This is a combined choir that would sing during special events such as Pastor’s Appreciation, Jubilee, District and State functions, Or at our Pastors request J

Praise and Worship Ministry

The P&W Ministry leads the congregation in a corporate worship experience that glorifies God and edifies believers; work toward establishing an atmosphere conducive to the delivery of God’s Word; ministers to the heart of God, and makes general declaration of the glory of God through song. In addition, the ministry aids and assists in the presentation of a worship experience that ministers to the total spiritual needs of congregants; aids and assists in the facilitation of continuity of flow in all worship services; contributes to the completion of the overall ministry vision through the utilization of spiritual gifts, and actively demonstrates excellence through continued efforts to perfect and appropriately steward the ministry of praise and worship to God.

Ministry of Helps (MOH)

The MOH is the outreach effort that provides food baskets and ministry support to families in need. The City of Refuge Compassion pantry is a food pantry that supplies free food and clothes to Polk County residents. Currently the pantry feeds between 300-400 people per month.

Through the Compassion pantry’s” Operation We Care”, the pantry through its outreach has taken on the issue of childhood hunger in Polk County.  During the 5 major school calendar breaks, the pantry passes out a free bagged lunch to school aged children.

Feeding the Multitudes is an annual Thanksgiving Day event during which the COR family comes out and serves a FREE Thanksgiving Day meal to families in need.