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Mission Statement


Each leader of City of Refuge strives to sharpen their lives and service by obtaining the following thirteen personal qualities:  


1.            Visionary Capacity: Ability to project a vision into the future, persuasively motivate people toward that vision, and bring it into reality.  


2.            Intrinsically Motivated: Approaches ministry as a self-starter and commits to excellence through long and hard work.  


3.            Creates Ownership of Ministry: Instills in people a sense of personal responsibility for the growth and success of ministry and trains leaders to reproduce leaders.  


4.            Relates to the Unchurched: Ability to develop rapport, break through barriers, and encourages unchurched people to examine themselves and commit to a walk with God and lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  


5.            Spousal Cooperation: Creating a workable partnership that agrees on ministry priorities, each partner’s role and involvement in ministry, and the integration of ministry with family life.  


6.            Effectively Builds Relationships: Takes the initiative in getting to know people and deepening relationships as a basis for more effective ministry.  


7.            Committed to Church Growth: Values church growth as a method for building more and better disciples; strives to achieve numerical growth within the context of spiritual and relational growth.  


8.            Responsive to the Community: Adapts the ministry to the culture and needs of local residents while seeking to engage community issues and concerns.  


9.            Utilizes Giftedness of Others: Equips and releases people to do ministry according to their spiritual gifts.  


10.       Flexible and Adaptable: Ability to adjust to change and ambiguity, shift priorities when necessary, and handle multiple tasks at once.  


11.       Builds Group Cohesiveness: Enables the group to work collaboratively toward a common goal and skillfully handles divisiveness and disunifying elements to positive resolutions.  


12.       Demonstrates Resilience: Ability to sustain one’s self emotionally and physically through setbacks, losses, disappointments, and failures.  


13.       Exercises Faith: Demonstrates how one’s convictions are translated into personal ministry goals.  


City of Refuge leadership display these additional ministry distinctives and values:  


·         We are committed to Godly leadership – We believe that the key to successfully fulfilling God’s mission for our church is having staff and lay leaders who are committed to integrity and holiness. (I Timothy 3; Titus 1)  


·          We serve under a plurality form of leadership with transparency - The spiritual oversight responsibilities of this body of believers rest with the Pastor.  The ordination of elders (plurality) was the method used by the New Testament church for establishing leadership, instead of a one-minister (autocratic) lead approach.  Leadership constantly strives to display a transparency to the body as it relates to their daily walk with the Lord.  


·          We are purpose driven.  We believe in the priority of our purposes over our comfort or preferences.  We will be willing to live our lives outside of our natural comfort zones in order to achieve these purposes.  


·          We value heritage over tradition.  We know there is much to be gained from the great men and women of faith who have gone before us. We value the rich heritage they have left us through their deeds, their words and their music. We do not believe we have all the answers or are in any way superior to those who have gone before us or even over those who minister in other ways in the present time. We will seek to understand our role in the history of the church and impart that heritage to those who come after us. However, we do not feel bound by the successful methods of others in this time or times past. We recognize that the world is changing at a rapid pace and methods that work today may not work tomorrow. We expect God to continue demonstrating His remarkable creativity by showing us exciting and effective strategies to present His love to our community and the world.  


·          We stress decentralized ministry.  Ministry is to take place out in the midst of a fallen world and so our challenge is to provide a balance between times when believers are gathered together to be equipped for ministry and times when they are sent out to do the ministry for which every member has been commissioned by Christ.  


·          We emphasize faithfulness, not fruitfulness.  Rather than focus on bearing fruit in our ministries, either numerically or spiritually, we believe we are called instead to be faithful and allow the Lord to determine the level of fruitfulness we are to enjoy.  


·         We believe in identifying and training emerging leaders who are fully committed to Christ and who will reach their generation with the Gospel. God is raising men and women who will take the baton of godly character, authentic faith, and servant-hearted leadership into the next generation.  


·         We stress the experience of the Lordship of Christ in your daily lives. (II Corinthians 5:15; John 15:1-17)  Christian perfection is commanded by Jesus and is made possible when we respond to God’s grace by personally accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. We become fully devoted followers of Jesus when we begin to realize the Lordship of Jesus in our lives.  


·         We desire and practice accountability.  From the beginning, the process of arriving at these distinctives and core values was enveloped with a spirit of accountability—each leader made themselves accountable to the Pastor and designated leadership of the church for their struggles and personal growth goals.  


·         We recognize that the church is not just the Pastor, Elders and Board of Deacons. The Pastor keep the body on track with its mission. The ministerial staff equips and empowers the members of the congregation for works of ministry. The congregation reaches out in ministry to a lost world.  


·          We believe the church must be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.  


·          We desire to ground the church’s life in our biblical vision so that the church’s way of life, including its organizational structures, decision-making processes, policies and procedures, and management relationships, reflect Christian excellence and gives glory to Christ.  


·          We engage in strategic ministry planning and the development of  a ministry plan so that we can accomplish our mission statement and fulfill our purpose of ministering.  


·          We believe in building on relationships and networking.  We will strive to build relationships and networks at the grassroots level in locations around the world to mobilize churches, community groups, donors, corporations, and volunteers in effective ministry alliances.  


·          We work hard to retain high levels of public trust and safeguard our reputation by applying good stewardship principles, using resources for the purposes they were given, by building collaborative partnerships, and by being open and factual with all constituents.