Pastor Randy Lowe
Position: Lead Pastor
Phone: 513 752 1333


Randy Lowe is an experienced Christian leader. Gifted in communication skills, and team ministry.



 Randy Lowe is the pastor of a growing intergeneration congregation; Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church  eastside of Cincinnati Ohio.



 Randy is a hands on person that can be seen at 4:00 a.m. helping unload a semi truck packed with Angel Food or working as part of a team cutting down dead trees, or as part of a mission team. “Whatever it takes”.



 Throughout his life Randy has persued personal growth, first earning a Stationary Engineer’s license (licensed to power boilers and turbines for generating electricity) while working in an electrical power plant in Columbus Ohio. As part of his calling into ministry Randy earned B.S., Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry degrees.



He enjoys staying up to date with technology, blogging, text messaging, facebook, e-mail, and presentations for use in communications for quality ministry and mission.



Randy loves to work with people and enjoys seeing others succeed.



The loves of his life are God, family and empowering people to answer God’s call to be a blessing and to be blessed.



 Hobbies: Reading, Sports e.g. American Kempo Black Belt, technology, bloging and currently learning Spanish.

   I am Randy Lowe - Christian, father, grandfather (note: young grandfather), active learner, pastor, and second career person.  My first career: Stationary Engineer.
  Relationships are what life is about - all the rest is details.   Introducing individuals and families to the most valuable relationship they will ever have, Jesus Christ, is more than a's a fulfilling.  Another good, bringing people together for inspiration, empowerment, discipleship, service and support.
   Future?   I see filled rooms 7 days a week, a sanctuary overflowing with worshippers.   The sound of music, laughter, and meaningful conversations can be heard everywhere.