Kris Byrd
Position: Director of Youth Ministries

Mt. Moriah Welcomes Kris Byrd as Director of Youth Ministries
If enthusiasm brings results, hold onto your hats! The already exciting youth program at Mt. Moriah will only get better!
Kris Byrd, an active youth leader here at Mt. Moriah, has been hired as the new Director of Youth Ministries. She will devote twenty-hours a week as an employed staff member to focus on the needs and interests of youth. She will work closely with the other youth leaders "to help create a strong program that engages the kids within our church as well as to reach out to the kids in the community."
Kris grew up in a suburb of Chicago, attended Southern Illinois University and earned a degree in psychology. She worked fourteen years in banking, starting in her teens. That career in Illinois provided her the opportunity to meet her husband Sean. Sean was from this area, a graduate of Glen-Este High School as well as a three-degree graduate from UC. They returned here to be near his family. Kris and Sean are the parents of three boys. 
Kris has been attending Mt. Moriah since 2005. Being a very involved mother has led to her leadership in the education programs at Mt. Moriah. She has provided leadership for four years to a very dynamic VBS. She worked closely with other interested parents in the formation of the younger two youth programs, the Reflections and the CIA's. Her role as the assistant Sunday School teacher with the high school class has led to her eagerness to be more involved. "I just love those kids!" she said.