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What does Mt. Moriah have:
    • For my family?
        • For my children?
            • For worship?
Click on one of the choices above and then come see for yourself.  Mt. Moriah is a friendly community of everyday people striving to be more like Christ in everyday situations.
Mt. Moriah has activities for men, women, and every member of the family as well as activities for the family unit.


As individuals or couples you can be involved in one of our fellowship groups (United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, Vagabonds or Almost Mature Adults), in one of our Education groups (Sunday School, Youth Group or weekday Bible Studies) and/or in one of our music groups (vocal choir, praise band, bell choir, liturgical dance, children’s sign language choir or other special music).  Sports ministries have youth soccer, adult co-ed softball, mixed bowling and others during different seasons.


As a family unit, you can enjoy the weekly worship experience as well as the special monthly opportunities planned by the Fellowship team.  Check homepage for upcoming events...



Children are always welcomed in the worship service, but you also have the option of utilizing the enriching activities designed with children in mind. If your child is between infancy and age 4, you can choose to use our nursery facilities. For children age four and older, you can choose Sunday school ( ) and/or Children’s church ( ).

Our nursery facility is located within the sanctuary building. When you drop your child off, you can request a pager, which gives our nursery worker easy access to you if you would need to be reached.

Sunday school occurs during the worship hour in our Education Building . Classes are grouped according to age (pre-kindergarten through high school). You can participate in Sunday school by joining one of our adult classes, too.

Children’s church happens during the message time of the service. You and your child (age four through fifth grade) will begin worship together. During the order of worship, there will be a time when your child is invited to the front to interact with the Pastor.  Just prior to the message, they will be dismissed into one of the classrooms for their own learning time.  Our Children’s church group is growing, and with growth comes change.  We are planning to split the group into two age based groups in the fall, and are looking forward to more great experiences!




You will find that Mt. Moriah is a very friendly, open and caring place.  People both outside and inside the doors will greet you.  Anyone that you see would be more than willing to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.


The service is a quality blend of traditional with contemporary elements.  You will receive a bulletin that outlines the service.  You will find liturgy as well as diverse and robust music.  Any given Sunday could involve a combination of choir, praise band, bell choir, liturgical dance, ensembles or solos.  The messages will be Scripture based and include a variety of analogies and stories in order to make the concepts tangible.  Throughout the service, you will be introduced to many of the exciting things happening within the church and Biblical response to “current world events”.


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