Mt. Moriah Gardens

 Mission:  Our gardens will  use the church campus to help children discover the nature in their own back yards.  They will experience the satisfaction of growing and preparing their own food and the simple pleasure of picking a flower for themselves or to give away.  In working with the church, child care and community, it will offer fun and learning opportunities while enhancing the curbside appeal of our campus.
   *  All child care classes will be given the opportunity to participate.  These gardens will be used as teaching tools.  The garden curriculum will offer hands-on experience of plants, nature, bugs, insects, etc.
   *  Our "cutting garden" will be used for the community as well as our c hurch family.  We will also provide a bud vase with flower on trays for "Meals on Wheels" as well as our casserole ministry.
   *  We will have available a list of things needed to be done at any fiven time.  Just check the list and pick a project depending on your available time.  Doing it this way will encourage anyone who wishes to help to come when it is convenient for them.
   *  In addition to a learning place for children, the grounds are training sites for parents, teachers and volunteers as well.  We will work closely with "Granny's Garden" for advice.
   *  We believe in conserving and recycling, using our "free" resources.
   *  We believe in using whatever is at hand to help us accomplish our goals and get the maximum value from every resource.  This means we seek donations of used items.
   *  We believe in being generous with others, sharing tools, plants and whatever resources we have at our disposal with other organizations and businesses.
   *  We value integrity in our program and we can be counted on to follow through.  If the going gets tough, it may take longer than originally planned, but we will always deliver on our promise.
   *  We share our challenges and successes and ask for their feedback in everything we do.
   *  We actively seek collaboration with other non profit organizations and businesses whenever possible.
   *  We value people, organizations and businesses who can go beyond "thinking outside the box".  We seek the innovative folks who can look at the box and see a table, seat, shelf, garden.