Useful Spanish class

 Useful Spanish   Español útil

No grammar drills!  This isn’t your high school language class.
No cost! – just your time.
You tell us what you want to learn
beginning August 7 in Room 8.

When this announcement was posted, a class of 15-20 individuals began a journey into another language together, some for personal knowledge and others with missions in mind.  We hope to incorporate this skill into our outreach into the community and surrounding areas. 
One way we tested our new knowledge is when we went out to a local eatery and tried to order only in Spanish.  This immersion exercise was one of many ways we learned.  Our fearless leader has now returned from her winter getaway and is offering a refresher/beginner course in addition to a continuation of our class from the fall, set to begin on May 7, 2009.