Youth Alive @ Mt. Moriah

Our student ministries are expanding! At Mt. Moriah, we now have three (3) very active groups of youth learning, growing, fellowshipping and serving.  Listed to the left is a link to more information and a short description of our groups.  Locate your student group by current grade in school. 

PSST - If you have a question, suggestion for a discussion topic or a song, or just need to talk/vent, click the link above and complete the form.  Your submissions will be kept confidential unless you opt to make it public or we feel there is a threat against your life or another.  You can choose whether your post goes to the Pastor's office, the Director of Youth Ministries office, or both. Feel free to give us a shout, we're all in this together!

 Get involved in the "Big Church" issues...
Last summer a report was released in the UMC entitled "The Call to Action". Subsequently legislation was submitted to General Conference implementing much of the finding of this study. This blog is a space for young UMs to share their views on the future of the church specifically as it relates to the Call to Action and subsequent legislation. Each person here speaks only for themselves, but we all speak as young people who care about the church and its future.

 Need help finding $$$ for college?
These scholarship links are provided for YOUR information.  Please do your own research thoroughly to see what is applicable to your needs!