2007 Sermons

05/20/07-Who is Jesus?: John 1:1-5
06/03/07-The Greatness of Christ's Incarnation: John 1:14-18
06/10/07-How to be an Effective Witness: John 1:19-51
06/17/07-The First Sign: John 2:1-11
06/24/07-The Authority of Jesus: John 2:12-22
07/01/07-Belief the Does not Save: John 2:23-25
07/08/07-The Conversation with Jesus: John 3:1-8
07/15/07-Faith Seeking Understanding: John 3:9-15
07/22/07-The Mission of God: John 3:16-21
07/29/07-The Love of God: John 3:16
08/05/07-The Response of Humility: John 3:22-30
08/26/07-Encountering Others: John 4:1-18
09/09/07-Worship: John 4:20-24
09/23/07-Our Service: John 4:31-42
09/30/07- What do you believe?: John 4:41-54
10/07/07-The Healing at Bethesda: John 5:1-15
10/28/07-The Claims of Deity: John 5:16-30
11/04/07-The Deity of Jesus: A Four-Fold Witness: John 5:31-47
11/11/07-Feeding of the 5000: John 6:1-15
11/25/07-In the Midst of a Storm: John 6:16-21
12/02/07-What are you Working for?: John 6:22-29