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Encountering God



2013 may well be a pivotal time in the history of our nation. With economic confusion, world-wide turmoil and a generation seeking truth with unparalleled potential, we must seek the face of God to be relevant in our ministry, communication and outreach.
Daily prayer requests and scriptures will be provided in our Weekly Planner and on-line on our website,

Additionally, a daily devotion will be provided on-line and utilizing the Word of Encouragement phone line at 713.777.2553. These will be updated daily and may be used as the source for our personal devotion, family devotion, Connection Group or Bible study.

I believe this next year may well usher in the greatest spiritual harvest in the history of Braeswood. As the confusion and turmoil of spiritual darkness spins around us, the light of Jesus Christ becomes more brilliant.

Your Praying Pastors,