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Staff Pastors

Pastor Wycliffe O. Bailey
Position: Executive Pastor

Pastor Wycliffe O. Bailey, born in Jamaica, educated at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, The University of The West Indies, and Global University (formerly Berean Bible Institute) has known the call of God was on his life for many years. He volunteered as a lay leader in various ministries while working industrial management positions in Jamaica. He immigrated to the United States in 1979, and was invited to Houston to assist another church group in establishing Bible camps for young adults and youth.

Although born and bred in a Pentecostal church in Jamaica, Cliff accepted and dedicated his life to the Lord only in his first year of college. Soon after, he was called into lay leadership at his home church and with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). It was while they served in planning campus revivals and leadership conferences with IVCF that God brought Cliff and his lovely wife, Charmaine, together.

Pastor Cliff and Charmaine have served the Lord at Braeswood Church since 1984. They teach and coordinate various programs in the Christian Education Department. Pastor Cliff also served as a deacon at Braeswood for over eight years. He resigned his deacon position when he was appointed Christian Education Minister at Braeswood in January 2001 and in March 2011 became Executive Pastor.

Pastor Cliff and Charmaine are thankful for, and proud of, their four children: sons Brendon and Marlon, in college; daughter, Melanie, in high school; and son, Andrew, in middle school.

"God has given me a passion for Christian growth and maturity from the beginning," says Pastor Cliff. "That every convert become a disciple and every disciple become a worker is a part of our Lord's commission," is Pastor Cliff's conviction.