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What is MPACT?

What is MPACT?


MPACT is a national achievement and discipleship program for girls that focus on character development to introduce and reinforce Christ- like attitudes and values. 

Who can participate?

Clubs are for ages 3-11. The clubs meet each Wednesday at in the N.L.   White Building .   

Is the program relevant for today's girl culture?

Each environment is tailored and equipped with tools to stimulate age-appropriate learning, a good training ground for character building. The curriculum is taught by trained women leaders who understand the needs of today’s' girl culture and who is able to help a young girl establish a biblical worldview.  Believing that God's word is the infallible and absolute truth, our curriculum addresses real life issues to create awareness that are reflective of today's culture so that she learns to interpret and apply the truth throughout her everyday life experiences.  
What is the core objective of the program?  
To teach God’s word as the infallible, eternal and absolute truth so that each student is inspired to seek God for personal spiritual growth and invite His governing Spirit to bring transformation to their attitude, thoughts and behavior by faith. 


Advanced Discipleship and Exit Exams

Once a student enters the third grade she is enrolled in a three year advanced Bible discipleship program called Stars in which she will receive over 75 hours of biblical instructions per year, scripture memorization and written work assignments. After the completion of the three year course work she is required to take a written exit exam where she is tested on bible scripture memorization on the Life of Christ, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Women of the Old & New Testament, Salvation, Integrity, Evangelism, Healing, Home and Foreign Missions and more. 


Contact Information:
Pastor Petrice C. Wilkins or Program Coordinator- Eloise Tone
713 490-6935