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Pre- Natal/ Nursery

Pre- Natal(Cradle Roll)

The “First Start” Cradle Roll Ministry is designed for expecting parents to create a relational, prayer partnering, gateway to your child’s Christian discipleship.

Our first goal is relational.  It is our ministry team’s desire to know you as expecting parents in hopes of  fostering a relationship and building a Christian support base to strengthen your family unit. Our second goal is to create a prayer partnership.  It is our privilege to extend an invitation to your family in creating a unique and dynamic prayer partnership.  Once a month, our Ministry Coordinator representative will contact you for prayer and follow –up on your prenatal progression. Lastly, it is our goal to create a gateway to discipleship. Your child’s first steps toward God and their pathway to Christ like character development will primarily begin its facilitation in your home life.  But, as partners and advocates the Cradle Roll ministry will assimilate your child’s enrollment into the Early Childhood Program where they will receive extended discipleship. For information on Child Dedication, please go to the Events page. 

Guided Exploration of Learning for Infants/ Toddlers & Two's  

Group time is also an integral part of your child’s church experience. During this corporate time your child will receive an age appropriate bible lesson and guided prayer. Our teachers are careful to create a responsive environment where by your child is invited to participate in listening, sharing, take turns and cooperate with opportunities to introduce foundation biblical principles. This environment helps to develop skills that support your toddlers/two's ability to flourish in a classroom environment and demonstrate a participative learning—while having fun! Our programming is structured around an Radiant Life curriculum. 



Contact Information:
Coordinator- Felicia Selman, Pre- Natal - Faith Harding, Child Dedication - Elizabeth Jack
713 777-1651