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Preschool (2 1/2 to Pre- Kinder )

Bible Life Labs
Preschoolers learn by doing. So our learning spaces are designed to encourage movement and facilitate bible learning. By involving the five- fold senses there is a 95% retention rate of learning. 
Bible life labs are an contemporary approach to traditional Sunday School setting that engages the student in the process of learning through activities that capture their attention and provide hands-on learning experiences to introduce fundamental disciplines of the faith such as worship, stewardship, fellowship, biblical principles and bible memory work and prayer.
Chapel, 10:30 AM 
This age group also participates in a corporate worship environment that meets at 10:30 AM in room 101.
Missions Education
In addition to our routine bible education schedules, twice a year we focus on missions education. This provides an opportunity for us to introduce the national program of Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge and its comprehensive goal to pray, to give and to go.
Pre- Kinder Graduation
This special occasion highlights the students achievements during the Christian education year that spotlights their bible memory work and classroom projects.

Contact Information:
Florence Ubak ( Session 1), Princess Ejim ( Session 2)