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Why we exist?

Welcome to KIDZSCOPE.- God's View. Kidz Life where ministry is taliored to reach the children of early childhood ages.  Our program is designed to introduce fundamental spiritual truths at foundational levels of understanding. This spiritual development is set in motion with opportunities to engage the student in learning and exploration of God's word by using our educational tools; such as, Radiant Life Curriculum and incorporating Bible Life labs for exercising practical truths.    The environments are equipped with developmentally age appropriate equipment and resources to stimulate learning. 
Lastly, our team of trained caregivers and bible teachers are honored to serve your family.  The seven-fold mission is :
To care.  Preparing an environment to care for their basic physical needs.

To reach.  Striving to connect with every student, incorporating teaching methods that appeal to their dominant learning style for practical life application. 

To teach.  Providing enriched learning experiences to reinforce biblical principles to help build the child’s faith in God for salvation, the Pentecostal message, missions, and spiritual growth.

To disciple.  Developing a unique bond of trust between the pupil and the teacher for mentorship to create a pathway in achieving spiritual milestones. 

To become a worshipper.  Introducing children to worship God because they love, trust and obey Him. 

To train.  Assimilating leaders for ministry placement , equipping them with the tools necessary to accomplish the local and global church wide missions, empowering those who are passionate about children’s discipleship.

To serve.  To serve your family. 

Contact Information:
Pastor Petrice C. Wilkins
713 490-6935