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Welcome to Kidzscope. - God's View. Kidz Life. 
The Early Childhood facilities are located in the East wing of the N L White Building. Our facilities are comprised of ten instructional classrooms and a chapel.  Registration is open fifteen minutes prior to the adult worship services.  

Before entering the Early Childhood facilities every child must be registered by the primary guardian and receive a claim ticket and a pager number. 

Please follow these procedures for check – in: 

Ø      Look for my age group.

Ø      Write in my personal information. 

Ø      Label all my personal belongings. 
Ø      Receive my claim ticket and pager number. Claim ticket is required to pickup the child.
Ø      Escort me to class.

Contact Information:
Pastor Petrice C. Wilkins, Enrollment- Elizabeth Mbuthia
713 490-6935, 713 490-6934