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Welcome Parents! We hope that the exciting world of teenage-parenting is treating you well. We've recently added this link to connect you with all kinds of relevant resources to help you "be all you can be" as a parent of teenagers. In the meantime, we'll remain on the lookout for great books and articles to recommend to you. Using the links above select the books or articles link.
A Healthy Training by Bob Waliszewski 
By Josh Hatcher 
By Joe White & Jim Weidmann 
Part 1, by Michael Ross
Part 2, by Michael Ross 
Part 3, by Michael Ross 
The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers
Author: Gary Chapman
7 Solutions for Burned-Out Parents
Author: Dr. James C. Dobson
Why Christian Kids Rebel
Author: Tim Kimmel
Adolescence Isn't Terminal
Author: Dr. Kevin Leman
Youth Specialties - The good 'ol guys at Youth Specialties, an internationally-respected leader in the field of youth ministry, have created an web-letter just for parents. Each week, you'll receive a new article or book excerpt with valuable insight for parents of teens, along with links and insights into your teens' world, and much more. To receive your very own weekly copy, you can subscribe to Youth Specialties by clicking here
HomeWord - Dr. Jim Burns is the President of HomeWord, and host of HomeWord's Snapshots, a daily radio commentary providing parenting advice. Snapshots airs Monday through Friday @ 9:35 pm on 89.3 FM KSBJ. Every month, HomeWord provides a helpful e-newsletter called "GOOD ADVICE." To receive this monthly editorial in your email inbox, please click here to subscribe.
RECOMMENDED PARENTING WEBSITES - A resource for all kinds of helpful parenting tips, answers, articles, books, etc. - A helpful resource for checking out movie, music, television, and internet reviews, from a Christian perspective.
Focus on the Family - The official website of Focus on the Family.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding - A non-profit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.
Gamer Dad - Research is showing that inter-generational video game play builds parent/child relationships. This site follows up that research with online help for dads who want to play video games with their kids. Included are reviews, news and a variety of other resources for gaming dads.
Girl Talk - G.T. is a website that is designed to be a "guide for mothers and daughters to prevent underage drinking." The site encourages mothers and daughters to communicate with each other and to discuss the dangers of alcohol.
Moms in Touch - Moms In Touch Int'l is an organization of mothers across the United States who have decided to lift their children in prayer. M.I.T's are moms who believe that prayer can make a difference. They get together with other moms in the community to pray for their children, schools, and teachers.