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Service Opportunities

* The Fellowship Ministry Team is looking for people with a heart for helping.  Our Fellowship Ministry Team provides food and hospitality services for church events and for individual or families in times of crisis.  The amount of timed you'll spend in service depends on what's going on at the church and how much time you're willing to give.
* Everybody knows how important communication is in the church - and we especially know it doesn't happen.  Our church offers so many opportunities to be involved in ministry and we need a crack team of reporters to help gather the information and get it out to as many people in as many ways as possible.  Church reporters might do one thing or an assortment of things.  The need is for people to contact ministry leaders and volunteers for information, help organize that information for timely publication, and distribute the information to the right media sources.  This need is critical!  Church reporters will be oriented to their responsibility and immediately put to work.
To learn more, call the church office at 903-569-5436 and you'll be directed to the right person. 

First United Methodist Church, Mineola Texas