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Eddie & Carolyn Postell
Position: Chaplain/Curator
Phone: 602-579-5357

From commercial work to secular calling, that is how you would describe this unique and dynamic couple.  Pilot, motorcycle rider and driver, singers and musicians - all wrapped into one dedicated couple and now museum care takers.
We are Care Takers for the Oldest Protestant Church in Texas, 12 miles from San Augustine, Texas in the Angeline National Forest. This church was est. in 1833 three years before the fall of the Alamo in 1836.Mexican Government would not allow a Protestant Church to be organized in Texas prior to 1836, therefore a Texas Army officer, form a group of people together and worshiped in the forest under tight security hid in the forest watching for Mexican soldiers.This building is the third one that has been built this current structure was built in 1949.When you are in the area, come on over, stay a while - lean on this couple for encouragement and challenges!  Oh, did we mention that Carolyn is a caregiver by profession?   How about that to round out a wonderful Chaplain team?