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Fred & Leila Preuss
Position: Chaplain - Children's Haven Int'l
Phone: 479-957-6683

Have you ever known a Grandma and Grandpa love someone elses kids as much as they love their own?  Fred and Leila Preuss (pronounced price) are just that kind of grandparents.  In fact, they have so much love that it’s overflowing into international boundaries.
Sanctuary Outpost is a division of CRM Int’l that offers housing and education to 80 children living in Reynosa, Mexico at the Children’s Haven International.  Fred and Leila work in this division of CRM through the office located in Pharr, TX.  They are winter Texans at the Alamo Rec-Veh Park in Alamo and just can’t stand still for a minute.  Fred’s ready to drive the van for Children’s Haven at the drop of a hat.  Leila is also involved as co-founder of God’s Worthy Women – a retreat/conference that was established for women of all ages 4 years ago.  Watch our webpage for event listings (
T hen, as if that doesn’t keep them busy enough they help as needed with Bible studies and prayer sessions.  WHEW!  You’ll have to put on your track shoes to keep up.  Better yet, check out Leila’s blog at