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Ebenezer and His 98 Friends

Delightful and well written, this is a book that will give you pause to think and enjoy, click this link to go to the publisher's web site, or order on line at 
By the way, the author worked with Chaplain Bob in California at a residence camp conference center in the mid 1980's!   This will tell you there is good "mature" history here! Oh, the author's name - Marty Magee
Here is some of the "thinking" of the book!

Samuel, Mephibosheth, and a woman on death row—people telling of our Savior’s love.

A chicken, a dinosaur and a tarantula—just a few props to show how we can serve God and our neighbors.

Peanut butter, pinto beans and grandmother’s chow-chow—merely tools to help share the Bread of Life.

These are just a few of the characters in Ebenezer and Ninety-Eight Friends.

It’s Marty’s desire to bring the hymns out of their sometimes formal, Sunday best stuffy setting and into our Monday through Friday lives. At the same time, she presents a light object lesson and appropriate scripture passage. This is done with the format of a devotion book, yet it has a light tone and style.