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True North, A Father's Compass

"The American Male has been retooled into an amorphous being without identity. This deeply spiritual and hard hitting book speaks to men about their role in the family and society."
(Life is confusing, parenting even more and being a husband, can take "it" over the top!)

Author Ron J. Lint sees this immerging trend particularly in younger men, but society has conspired to attenuate "maleness" and the role of men across the generations. Men of all ages need to know who they are and what their role is in the family and in society. Young men, and men of all ages, need to know what God expects of them and what and what their role is in God's plan.

This book was written to the young men in my family and to all men to warn of the new World View that teaches wrong concepts, provides wrong reasoning, and leads ultimately to failure in the family, in our churches, and in our communities. I am also writing because I have not been entirely successful as a loving, teaching father, and my family has suffered as a result. Over the years, Ron as had to learn and to listen to God, not society. Read what he learned.  This book is available on