least reached peoples

Reaching the "least-reached" people groups of the world is a focal point of the missions activity of New Horizons Church. We presently have one couple from New Horizons who are serving a specific people group of 4 million people who reside within one nation of Central Asia. They work with a team who are the only missionaries in the nation - due to the near "zero tolerance" policy of the government. This means that all ministry takes place secretly in homes and that the ministry team must walk wisely in order to maximize the opportunities they can find to connect with the Muslim people of that region.
One of our pastoral team and family were deployed to SE Asia in the summer of 2010 to serve another "least-reached" people group of Malaysian Muslims. They are in the process of making connections with the locals and establishing a viable business with the country in order to receive a visa to reside among the people on a long-term basis.
We are expecting the supernatural presence of God to continually work through our missionary families - in sharing the gospel, in demonstrations of love and glory through the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the display of God's power through the gifts of the Holy Spirit; and for supernatural visitations from heaven to Muslim people in dreams, visions, angelic appearances, and other signs and wonders. 
We are believing God for a great harvest of souls - among the Muslims of both people groups.