core values

To fulfill our mission, the following Core Values are qualities about who we are and apply in all our planning, communication, and activities within New Horizons Church and to the world.
1. God’s Word: believing the Bible as the revelation of absolute truth which defines principles for successful living, and following Jesus Christ, the living Word, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
2. Love: living in intimacy with the Lord, passionately and unconditionally loving Him and all people, without trying to prove something or gain something in return.
3. Worship: glorifying God with celebrative, creative, and intimate worship with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength, conforming to the likeness and image of Jesus Christ.
 4. Prayer: seeking God’s face and being guided by His voice, peacefully and joyfully walking with Him throughout the progressive stages of life, reaching ones God-given potential and destiny.
5. Faith: living expectantly in the hope of God’s promises and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live in supernatural strength, joy, and prosperity in all circumstances of life.
6. Integrity: demonstrating honesty, transparency, sincerity, respect, humility, and Christlike moral behavior and ethics in all walks of life. 
7. Unity: showing mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness toward all people, always speaking blessings and seeking to maintain a spirit of unity in the bond of peace with the body of Christ.
8. Stewardship: joyously and diligently using God-given resources (time, spiritual gifts, skills, money, and strength) to advance the Kingdom of God and give Him glory.

9. Servanthood: joyfully serving others with a spirit of excellence, as to the Lord, in the home, the church, and the community, functioning as a unified community of individuals and teams.

10. Small-groups: building a relationally based church committed to growth and effective ministry through friendships, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development in small groups.

11. Family: nurturing Christ-centered, vision led, and Spirit empowered family relationships between children-children, parents-children, and husbands-wives.

12. Generations: uniting people of multiple generations for relational strength and mentoring, and to release life-changing and culturally relevant ministries to the church and the world.
13. Humankind: treasuring life as God’s gift, from conception to death, and showing mercy and justice toward all people: young and old, rich and poor, and of all ethnic and cultural diversity.
14. Healing: trusting in the love and power of Jesus Christ to set people free from sin and bondages, and to heal and restore wounded lives in spirit, soul, and body. 
15. Warfare: calling on God and agreeing with His will for spiritual revival and transformation of individuals, cities, and nations, destroying the kingdom of darkness.
16. Harvest: presenting the gospel in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit to unreached people and discipling them, extending the Kingdom of God in revival and global harvest.