small groups

The four purposes of NHC Small Groups are: Relating, Caring, Building, and Reaching.  Pastoral care at NHC primarily happens in and through the Small Groups (i.e., prayer support, bridal and baby showers, hospital visitation, meal assistance during a crisis).
The concept of Small Groups is based around the nature of God. We see the relational union of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit which reveals to us the concept that God’s desire is to see close relationships established. Throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament we see the principle of Small Groups being modeled in teaching and practice.
Jesus used a Small Group as the means and model of establishing an effective ministry that released Heaven’s atmosphere on earth. The early church, in the book of Acts, used Small Groups as the vehicle to build the church and evangelize the world.
Pastor Craig Durbin oversees the Small Group Ministry of New Horizons. He would love to hear from you - if you're looking to join a group and/or you're interested in leading a new group. To contact Pastor Craig, e-mail him at  or call him at 503-472-4970.