SOZO History

For many years our pastoral team has been used to help hundreds of people find healing from emotional wounds and to find freedom from hindrances to their spiritual growth. A few years ago we became familiar with the SOZO model used at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. and then decided to adopt this model for inner healing and freedom. We had the founders and the leaders, Dawna Desilva and Teresa Leibscher, and their team come to New Horizons for five days of training and ministry. Over 50 of our leaders (pastors, elders, small group leaders, youth and children staff) received a SOZO from the Bethel SOZO team and about 100 people participated in the Basic Seminar, all of which was amazingly fruitful.
Since then the New Horizons SOZO Team serve to help hundreds of people each year, from around the Pacific NW Region, find great freedom in Christ. Their testimonies are amazing! Their encounters with God and the freedom they have found in a SOZO session has brought about emotional health and peace, accelerated their spiritual growth, and has enabled them to face challenges of life with renewed and lasting faith and hope. 

Contact Information:
Karen Slaughter, Director