Personal Shabar Ministry

Shabar is a Hebrew word meaning "broken hearted" from Isaiah 61:1 and can also be translated as "shattered."

Shabar is a ministry to individuals who have continued to have inner healing ministry, yet have matters of emotions/mind that have not yet been healed. This ministry is a tool that is used to help the healing process after an individual has received one or more SOZO'S yet need more healing.
The Process
- Determine if you want to apply for a Personal Shabar Ministry
- Complete the Application and Release Form and mail to office or fax
- A suggested donation of $60 can be included with the completed application
- After your application is received, our coordinator will call you to set up the appointment

There is no charge for the Personal Shabar Ministry. However, there is a suggested donation of $60.00 per session to help with the expenses of this ministry and for the continued training of the ministry team. All donations are greatly appreciated and helps our team continue to serve hundreds of people around the NW Region each year.
How to make an Appointment
Click here for the Application and Release Forms and mail them to the New Horizons Office. You'll be placed on the list of applicants in the order that we receive the application. Our coordinator will then email or call you to confirm the receipt of the application and to set up an appointment for your personal ministry session.


Contact Information:
Karen Slaughter