student testimonies

New Horizons School of Supernatural Ministry has been the best school experience I have ever known. From the moment I arrived I felt like I had "come home" feeling surrounded by others whose desires for "experiencing more of God" were similar to mine.
At New Horizons, I have been challenged, nourished in the Word of God, and introduced to new thoughts and concepts that brought me to higher levels of thinking, meditating, and revelation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How exciting it is to grow in your relationship with God as you begin to understand who you are from a "Kingdom perspective" and all that truly awaits you from Father God's perspective!
New Horizons cultivates a climate of care, concern, and desire for growth. Every person... teacher, pastor, student - young and old, are excited to hear what God is speaking through each other. It is the essence of the "body of Christ" learning and growing together, supporting one another in a fun, safe, and exciting atmosphere. I highly recommend coming to this school, especially if you have the desire to reach beyond the natural and move with God in what always was purposed for our exciting Christian lifestyle.
Theresa Farrelly, Business Owner and Educational Assistant
1st year Student
I would highly encourage anyone to go to the School of Supernatural Ministry. I have been challenged to go outside my religious box, so to speak. 
Patricia G. Wood, Retired
1st year Student
Some of the main things that I have gained by attending the School of Supernatural Ministry is in the area of my identity. I have learned to see myself as God sees me and not to say anything about myself that God would not say about me. I learned that my words can change my destiny and I need to declare who God says I am and to declare the prophetic words that have been spoken over me. I have permission from the Father to be myself, who He created me to be and love myself. After all, I am a princess, a precious daughter of the KING.
LeAnn Kauer, Business Office Manager
1st year Student