school of ministry

We are excited about raising up a generation of radical believers at New Horizons School of Supernatural Ministry (NHSSM) who are encountering God and are being empowered to extend His kingdom in the region and nations of the world.
At the core and heart of New Horizons Church and School of Ministry, are several characteristics of our DNA that are expected and experienced in the life of this community: 
  • knowing our identity with Jesus Christ, being sons and daughters of royality
  • living in a culture of honor where the goal is not for everyone to agree but where everyone is valued and empowered by one another
  • living a life-style of radical overcoming faith where possibilities are pursued by risk-takers and kingdom shakers
  • enjoying the extravagent love and pleasures of God as a lifestyle
  • manifestations of glory and signs and wonders are happening
  • lives are being transformed by the love and presence of God's power.