kingdom kids

Our Kingdom Kids curriculum is designed to introduce children to the basics of living the "Supernatural Christian Life." Each lesson includes tools to make learning fun and bring the children to encounters with God.
They are taught Biblical truth about Salvation, Baptism, Righteousness, Bible reading, Prayer, Family of God, Healing, Prophecy, Worship and how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bless other children and adults at home, school, church, and neighborhood.
Infants - Toddlers up to age 4: In Nursery from 9:45am to end of service.
Children, age 5 through 5th grade go directly to children's church by 10am, where they are checked in at the door of the classroom on 2nd level. At the conclusion of their lesson and activities, the children are ushered into the main service to join their parents, at approximately 11:00am - 11:15am, to join in the worship celebration in music, and prayer ministry.
Our Children's Ministry Team consists of mature, trustworthy, and experienced  adults who are trained to work with children. All staff, paid and volunteer, have gone through background checks with law enforcement and are trained to serve in strict adherence to New Horizons Guidelines and Policies of protecting our children.