Healing Testimonies

Jesus is our Healer

When we hear or read testimonies of healings - it is as if we are prophesying health and wholeness to our soul and body. The Bible says in Revelation 19:10 that "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." 
We see people healed in our gatherings from week to week. May your confidence in the healing power of God be refreshed as you read about some of  the works of Jesus Christ that we are experiencing at New Horizons. People with the following conditions received prayer and testified that they were healed:   
  • Young man in 20's with severe neck injury (wore neck brace) of auto accident 8 years ago healed in Sunday morning service on first visit.
  • Hand injury from auto accident years ago healed.
  • Man with a 30 year neck injury and chronic pain was healed in service
  • Man with knee injury from sports (had surgery) healed from chronic pain
  • Man with algeries completely healed
  • Woman healed of  rotational scoliosis of the spine
  • Stroke victim had speech restored immediately after prayer
  • Deaf ear opened
  • Woman with severe vertigo healed
  • Man healed of rotator cuff injury
  • Woman healed from severe back pain after two surgeries in one year
  • Man healed of injured elbow.
  • Deviated septum healed instantly - an immediate shift of bone and cartialage.
  • Man healed of major knee injury.
  • Injured ankle healed.
  • TMJ healed for several.
  • Woman healed of leg injury.
  • Wort on child disappeared instantly.
  • Young man healed of partial deafness.
  • Rotator cuff injury healed. When the first man was healed, another man received healing in his shoulder instantly without asking for prayer.
  • Several youth healed by other youth in weekly gathering - they're excited.
  • Woman on street was healed of back pain while receiving prayer for anxiety.
  • Man with a "grapefruit size" tumor on thigh healed at a service
  • Young man with chronic bowel problems healed.
  • College age student's knee healed of chronic pain from an injury.
  • Man in his 50's healed of a serious heart condition.
  • Man with 80% hearing loss healed.
  • Young man with chronic back pain healed
  • Woman with serious neck injury/surgery and pain healed
  • Woman with injured elbow and shoulder now pain free