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Really a New Command?

          Although the Lord Jesus plainly said that the Lost Commandment was “new,” a surprising number of people say they find no difference between the Lost Commandment and the Golden Rule. Chapter 2 of The Lost Commandment explains how these two commandments are different, but due to space limitations and the fact that the book is not primarily academic in nature, I didn’t include quotes from Bible commentaries or study Bibles that talk about this difference. Click Here to see excerpts from a dozen commentaries.
            As you’ll see, some commentators perceive clear differences between the two commandments of love. Other commentators begin by suggesting that the two commandments of love are the same, but then proceed to describe how the new command is different from the old command. In the final analysis, most commentators see the two commands as different.
            In my view, this difference, among other considerations, demands that we teach the Lost Commandment explicitly and prominently in Christ’s church. After all, the Lost Commandment is the only teaching that Jesus specifically called “my command” (John 15:12). How can we fulfill the Great Commission to teach Christians to obey all that Jesus has commanded us (Matt. 28:20) if we don’t explicitly teach the one “command” that Jesus called his?