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prayer team

Prayer is one of our primary minististries
and you can be a part of it.

The Prayer Ministry Team prays for:
  Urgent & Immediate Needs
When you join the PRAYER TEAM you will be notified of prayer needs as they come in to our church office.  You can select how you would like to be notified of prayer requests (email or phone). 
You can be a part of a team that prays for immediate and urgent needs in our church family as well as across our city and world. 
  Missions Outreach & Missionaries
The Prayer Team also commits to providing our missionaries serving full-time in the mission field with encouragement and prayer.
Also, the Prayer Team prays for Faith's Missions Outreaches (the on-site ministry team in Baja, Mexico, the distribution and reception of Christmas Shoe Boxes, and distribution of the food/clothing to demonstrate God's love while they are in Mexico).  

Contact Information:
Linda Hicks