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RESOURCE SITES (Games/Crafts/Coloring Sheets):
Games That Teach
10/06/2012:     God's Call  (Teacher)
                           God's Call (Student)
10/13/2012:     Running the Race (Teacher)
                           Running the Race (Student)
This series is all about Jesus leaving Heaven to come and live among us.  Why would He do that?  We are going to find out why and what it means to us today!
                           Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet (Student)
03/11/2012:      Jesus Calms a Storm (Teacher)
                            Jesus Calms a Storm (Student)
03/18/2012:      Feeding the 5,000 (Teacher)
                            Feeding the 5,000 (Student)
03/25/2012:      The Garden of Gethsemane (Teacher)
                            The Garden of Gethsemane (Student)
04/01/2012:      Jesus is Crucified (Teacher)
                            Jesus is Crucified (Student)
04/08/2012:      Jesus is Risen (Teacher)
                             Jesus is Risen (Student)
                             Peter & John Visit Jesus' Tomb (Student)
04/22/2012:      The Ascension (Teacher)
                             The Ascension (Student)
04/29/2012:      The Day of Pentecost (Teacher)
                             The Day of Pentecost (Student)
This amazing series is focused on the beginning of the church and all of the great things that God did to show us how much He loves us!
05/06/2012:      The Early Church (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
                              Student Worksheets
05/20/2012:      Stephen (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
05/27/2012:      Saul is Converted (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
06/03/2012:      Tabitha is Raised From the Dead (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
06/10/2012:      Peter & Cornelius (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
06/17/2012:      The Church of Antioch (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
06/24/2012:      Peter is Release From Prison (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
This next series is all about taking the Good News about Jesus all over the world.  Paul was one of the great missionary leaders who risked everything to share what God had done in his life with others around the world!
07/01/2012:      Paul's First Missionary Journey (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
07/08/2012:      Timothy Joins Paul & Silas (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
07/15/2012:      The Call to Macedonia (Teacher)
                              Student Worksheets
07/22/2012:      Paul & Silas Are Imprisoned
                              Student Worksheets
07/29/2012:      Paul Is Sent To Felix
                              Student Worksheets
08/05/2012:      Paul Goes Before Agrippa
                              Student Worksheets
08/12/2012:      Voyage to Rome
                              Student Worksheets
08/19/2012:      Shipwreck in Malta
                              Student Worksheets
08/26/2012:      Paul's Ministry in Rome
                              Student Worksheets

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